Kunal Dhingra Productions is a 6-year-old brand with a ton of experience in the wedding and travel industry. Over the years the brand has developed from one man’s dreams to a team of storytellers, creators, and artists who don’t just click pictures but capture moments. It’s simple there’s beauty and joy surrounding us, and we are here to capture the essence of it all. Kunal Dhingra Productions were born out of a passion to capture love stories creatively.
Kunal is the photographer and videographer as well, he has his own vision and perspective that brings out beautiful pictures and films. In just a short span of time, Kunal Dhingra Productions has become a brand and it’s all because of the dedication and hard work poured in, every day, by Kunal who is madly-in-love with his work.

Kunal has done his post graduation in digital marketing and marketing and has an experience of 6 years now in photography industry. He celebrates his life through his camera by bringing out the most beautiful and breathtaking moments.



Kunal Dhingra Productions


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Email: support@kunaldhingraproductions.com